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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pat Terry - Humanity Gangsters (1982)

Pat Terry's first solo effort after the Pat Terry Group's last album. This is my personal favorite of his solo ventures. The songs are still classic Pat Terry Group type stuff, but some of the songs have a slightly harder edge. I also like Bill Batstone on Bass, and of course, Mark Heard, who is doing a little of this and that as well being the producer and engineer. I transfered this from cassette tape years ago and just burned the mp3 files from that CD.

  • Bill Batstone: Bass
  • Bill Cobb: Engineer
  • Bernie Grundman: Mastered
  • Mark Heard: Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Electric Guitar, Bass, Handclaps, Background Vocals
  • Alex MacDougall: Percussion, Congas
  • John Mehler: Drums
  • Carl Pickhardt: Piano, Hammond B-3
  • Strat Brothers: Background Vocals
  • Chris Taylor: Engineer
  • Pat Terry: Producer, Arranger, Mixed, Songwriter, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Prophet 5 Synthesizer, Harmonica, Vocals
Track Listing:
  1. The Right Place
  2. Too Many Voices
  3. Sounds So Simple
  4. Don't Take It So Hard
  5. Steal Away
  6. Open the Door
  7. Can't Be Satisfied
  8. I'll Come Back to You
  9. Nothing I Say
Download Links: Enjoy the Music!, or here.


  1. Thanks Bryan. I hadn't heard these for years.

  2. sucks that I can't download this... I bought this album back in the day - was always one of my fave's. It was actually Mark Heard that turned me on to it and told me to go buy it.

    My entire CCM collection was destroyed in the 'Flood of the Century' back in the late 90's in Manitoba. Sigh.