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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aera - Humanum Est (1975)

"AERA is a band from Germany who performs progressive fusion in the style of NUCLEUS, EMBRYO and DZYAN. Spacey guitar passages are the strongest characteristic in their music, as well as good flute and saxophone passages. They have 6 albums, of which "Humanum Est" is considered their best effort."—

  • Wolgang Teske / drums
  • Klaus Kreuzeder / saxophone & flute
  • Dieter Bauer / bass
  • Muck Groh / guitar
  • Peter Malinowsky / bass
Track List:
  1. Papa Doing
  2. Demmerawäng
  3. Hodibbel
  4. Sechs Achtel
  5. Jonas Schläft
  6. Alois' Flötending
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!, or here.

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