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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lewis Family - Country Sunday In Georgia (1973)

Liner Notes:

It's a COUNTRY SUNDAY IN GEORGIA and The Lewis Family is right at home for Lincolnton, Georgia, claims these warm personalities as its very own. Their warm Southern hospitality exudes with courtesy, sincerity and joviality. With gracious handshakes and genuine smiles, they welcome you into their lovely homes and great hearts. You easily sense the spontaneous love for one another and their folksy affection for you.

Theirs is a heritage of gospel music for they have been traveling, picking and singing for many years. Highly respected in country gospel and bluegrass circles, they are greatly in demand for concerts, festivals and personal appearances. Hearing them, you reminisce about the old sawdust brush arbor sing-alongs and they renew for you the old songs of faith you remember hearing and loving as a child.

Seeing this close-knit family on the platform or happily circulating through the eager audience during intermission, it's quite easy to imagine Mom and Pop Lewis dressing and herding their little brood of children toward Sunday school and the little white clapboard, steepled church down a Georgia lane. Wallace wrote "Those Happy Days" as a tribute to their childhood training.

One popular facet of all Lewis Family albums is the inclusion of at least one A. E. Brumley song and this time they chose the great number "I Walk In The New Jerusalem Way." The Lewis Family records and uses gospel songs written by several of their close friends, Herman Harper, Paul Craft, Bill Sky and Randall Hylton. Their albums also include contemporary gospel songs and there is a great flexibility in the presentations. Miggie, Polly and Janis form a girls trio and add their talents to the group, mixed quartet, quintet and solos which vary their programs.

One command performance at every concert for the past twenty years is the hilarious "Honey In The Rock," featuring Little Roy with Polly and Janis assisting him. To describe Little Roy's "orchestral instruments" boggles the mind for the closest thing would be an old-time sweet potato whistle, a slide trombone, a bazooka or a kazoo. Take your pick, your guess is as good as anyone's. It's just great entertainment and a crowd pleaser everywhere.

The Lewis Family uses several musical instruments and all are outstanding but Little Roy is a master of the five string banjo and the guitar. He's the comic of the group and keeps the crowd laughing. He has no "routine" or prepared script, he just happens to people and they love it. And the more tired he is, the funnier he becomes.

Traveling the countless miles in a brand new Challenger bus, especially designed to their needs, The Lewis Family will be coming your way—watch for them! In the meantime, add COUNTRY SUNDAY IN GEORGIA to your record library and enjoy these captivating, beguiling Christians in your home.

Track List:
  1. I Wonder How John Felt
  2. Let's Have An Old Time Revival
  3. Come Walk With Me
  4. Those Happy Days
  5. I Walk In The New Jerusalem Way
  6. Sailing Sailing
  7. Let's All Go Down To The River
  8. How Can You Refuse Jesus Now
  9. Try Jesus
  10. Jesus Loveth Even Me
  11. Someday
  12. Honey In The Rock
Download Links: Enjoy the Music, or here.

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