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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Farrell and Farrell - Make Me Ready (1981)

Farrell and Farrell were one of my favorite comtemporary Christian artists when I was in college. They are a husband and wife team (as the name implies). The core members of the act were high school sweethearts Bob Farrell and wife Jayne Farrell, the Christian music singers who had sung in a local rock band with Bob prior to her conversion to Christianity at a crusade. It was through Jayne and a friend that Bob experienced his own conversion as he says: "Jayne and I became born again in the Spring of 1971, in Houston. Within a week of becoming a Christian I wrote my first song about my new Lord and new life. Within a couple of months, we began performing (quite innocently) in coffeehouses and backyard Bible studies. When we had to assume a name – we chose One Man Band."

Make Me Ready is their second album and already shows signs of the more New Wave direction they would take on their later releases. A number of the musicians involved in the recording went on to careers of their own, including Ed DeGarmo of Degarmo & Key and Michael W. Smith (simply Michael Smith in the credits). Brown Bannister, the producer, produced many contemporary Christian albums during this era as well.

  • Produced by Brown Bannister
  • Piano—Larry Muhoberac, Shane Keister
  • Drums—Paul Leim, Lynn Williams
  • Bass—Leon Gaer, Mike Brignordello
  • Guitar—Jon Goin, Billy Walker, Mike Demus
  • Synthesizers and Keyboards—Shane Keister, Ed DeGarmo, Mike Demus, Michael Smith
  • Percussion—Terry McMillan
  • Flute/Saxophone—Dennis Sollee
Track List:
  1. Make Me Ready
  2. Still Here
  3. You're The Heart Of Me
  4. You Keep Me Holdin' On
  5. Old Friends
  6. Sonata
  7. Just In Time
  8. To Know That I'm Loved By You
  9. Lead Me On
  10. Only Love
  11. All That You've Done For Me
  12. He That Overcomes
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!, or here.

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