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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mar De Robles - MdR (2003)

Progressive Jazz-Rock/Fusion group from Chile. If you are a King Crimson or Focus fan then you should love this recording. This self-titled LP is their first release. Copies of this are hard to find anymore.

  • Ignacio Larrondo: percussion
  • Cristián Larrondo: bass, vocals
  • Julio Tobar: flute, Tenor saxophone, vocals
  • Rodrigo Moris: guitar, vocals
  • Victor Munoz: drums
Track List:
  1. Introducción Al Universo Conocido
  2. Involución
  3. Nómades
  4. Tantic
  5. Milodón
  6. Aire Chileno
  7. El Flecha
  8. V-S...
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!, or here.

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