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Monday, March 29, 2010

Circle - Pori (1998)

Circle is a Finnish experimental rock band with material that ranges from avant-garde to progressive rock and Krautrock. Circle's line-up has constantly changed over the years as the founder, Jussi Lehtisalo, is the only member who has been in the band the entire time.

Pori runs the gamut of the styles mentioned but is mostly Krautrock remeniscent of Faust, Can and Neu! and sometimes like Tortoise as well. This is their 5th album.

  • Pentti Dassum: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  • Teemu Elo: Guitar, Vocals
  • Jussi Lehtisalo: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Photography
  • Teemu Niemelä: Keyboards
  • Janne Peltomäki: Drums
  • V. Raitio: Percussion

 Track List:
  1. Perustamisasiakirja 8-3-1558
  2. Vesitorni/Kaupunginsairaala
  3. Back to Pori
  4. Suurpalo
  5. Kartano
  6. Promenaadikaskus
  7. Kruunu Paaha Pori Kuningas
  8. Seisomakatsomo
  9. Karhun Hansaa
  10. Porin Jazz Juhlat

 Download Links: Part 1, Part 2.

De Snaar - Snaar (1976)

De Snaar (The String) was a Belgian Folk/skiffle group formed in 1970 by Kris De Smet (vocals, oboe, English horn, tin whistle), Jan De Smet (vocals, accordion, ukulele, slide whistle), Jan De Broeck (until 1973) and Stef Koekoekx. When Stef Koekoekx left the group in 1981 (after making their 2nd album) they renamed themselves "de Nieuwe Snaar." The music is fun and a little quirky.

Track List:
  1. Het Kannenfeest
  2. De Ridder die ging jagen
  3. Trage Mars (nr. 19)
  4. Vier Weverkens
  5. Wijnlied / Lied van de vrije Markt
  6. Rozemarijntje / Sint Valentijn
  7. Schoon lieveken
  8. Wieringen
  9. De Muzikale prijs
  10. Goed gezelschap / Krebbel
  11. Blokkendans
  12. Den Andere
  13. Ge zegt dat ge mij nodig hebt
  14. Het Maske en de linde
  15. Mallemolendans
  16. Rue du Village
  17. Ik wil deze nacht in de straten verdwalen

 Download Links: Part 1, Part 2.

Recording by de Nieuwe Snaar:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chants et Danses Populaires du Bénin Vollumes 1 & 2 (1978)

Released in 1978 by the Agence de coopération culturelle et technique & Ministère de la Jeunesse de la Culture Populaire et des Sports (Porto-Novo) originally on two records or cassettes. This is a nice compilation of music by two relatively well known groups, Black Santiago and Le Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, and a few tracks by lesser known artists. They were released as separate volumes (1 & 2) and as far as I can determine have never been released on CD.
Track Listing:
  1. Orchestre Black Santiago - Akpe Na Agecoop
  2. Orchestre Black Santiago - Aduke
  3. L'Orchestre de la BCB - Sokemu
  4. L'Orchestre de la BCB - Balkanisation de l'Afrique
  5. Gnonnas Pedro - Agbaja Moderne
  6. Les Messagers du Bénin - Ajanu Ce
  7. Les Sympatics de Porto-Novo - Afrika
  8. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - Se Na Me
  9. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - Hwe Towe Hun
  10. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou & Roger Tchaou - Otchini
  11. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou & Sena Joyi Jeya - A Yi Mi
  12. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou & Sagbohan Danialou - Kokoriko

 Download Links: Volume 1, Volume 2.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Haze - Old, New, Burrowed & Blue (1984)

Haze (1978-1988) is a progressive rock band from Sheffield, England, active in England in the 1980s. Formed by brothers Chris McMahon (bass, keyboards and vocals) and Paul McMahon (guitar and vocals) the played their first concert at Stephen Hill Youth Club, Sheffield on 10 November that year. They had several drummers before the longest serving and most notable, Paul 'Chis' Chisnell, joined them at a concert at the White Lion, Huddersfield, on 19 June 1983.

Old, New, Burrowed & Blue was only released on cassette and was available to their fan club.

Track List:
  1. Nellie
  2. Don't Leave Me Here
  3. End Of The Day
  4. We Used To Know
  5. Mushy Funk/Shadows
  6. Aardvarks Superfluous
  7. Baker St.
  8. If Leaving Me Is Easy
  9. Pick Up The Pieces(Mole Mix)
  10. Far Over Misty Mountains
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dave Catney - Jade Visions (1991)

Dave Catney's second recording, considered by many to be his best. Had he not died of AIDS in 1994 he would certainly have produced many more fine recordings. I posted his first recording a while back, First Flight (1990).

  • Dave Catney (Piano)
  • Peter Erskine (Drums)
  • Marcus "Benjy" Johnson (Bass)
  • Andy Bradley (Engineer)
  • Bernie Grundman (Mastering)
  • Randall Hage Jamail (Producer)

 Track List:
  1. Up With the Lark
  2. Duke
  3. Come Rain or Come Shine
  4. Gentle Wind and Falling Tear
  5. Jade Visions
  6. Waste Not, Want
  7. This Is New
  8. Fool Moon
  9. Dr. Jackle
  10. Lost in the Stars

 Download Link: Enjoy the Music!

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Peter Vermeersch - Charms (1999)

Charms is a theatre play based on childrens poems by the Russian avant-garde writer Daniil Charms (1905-1942). The texts, set to music by Peter Vemeersch, are absurd, bizarre and dark. The play was produced by theatre company Walpurgis.

The music on this recording is not easy to classify and is typically just considered avant-garde. I consider it a bit of a cross between jazz, tango and cabaret. Whatever it is I find it strangely enjoyable. Of course, I tend to like my music a little on the quirky side at times.

  • Patrick Hubart (Mastering)
  • Peter Vermeersch (Composer, Producer)
  • Tom Wouters (Clarinet, Percussion)
  • Judith Vindevogel (Vocal)
  • Phillippe Thuriot (Accordion)
  • Wim Konink (Percussion)
  • Benjamin Verdonck (Actor)

Track List:
  1. Jan Bijlmans
  2. Bestendigheid Van Pret en Vuil
  3. De Leugenaar
  4. Hagel
  5. Het Begin Van Een Zeer Fraaie Zomerdag. Symfonie
  6. Geschiedenis Van Een Vechtpartij
  7. Een Afschuwelijke Dood
  8. Ik Walf Van Alles
  9. De Man Met de Rode Haren [Blauw Schrift N°10]
  10. Een Mens
  11. Een Dag
  12. Ontmoeting

 Download Link: Enjoy the Music!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mangala Vallis - The Book of Dreams (2002)

Mangala Vallis is an Italian neo-progressive/symphonic rock group. Although I label them neo-progressive because of clear similarities to Spock's Beard, they also have a very 70s progressive feel with a lot of similarity to Genesis and Gentle Giant. Part of this may have to do with their use of vintage instruments. Still, as steeped in older progressive sounds as they are, they still have a freshness about them that immediately drew me in.

The Book of Dreams is their debut recording and is currently out of print and nearly impossible to find. It is dedicated to the memory of writer Jules Verne, and each track is based on one of his classic books (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 Days, & A Journey to the Center of the Earth).

Credits (Group Members):
  • Gigi Cavalli Cocchi / drums, percussions (Remo, Paiste, Vic Firth)
  • Enzo Cattini/ Hammond C-3 w/Leslie, Minimoog-D, Mellotron M-400, Akai S-2000, E-MU Vintage Keys, Gem S-3
  • Mirco Consolini / guitars & bass

 Credits: (Guest Artists):
  • Matteo Setti / vocals (2, 3)
  • Stefano Menato / saxophone (5)
  • Vic Fraja / vocals (4 - 5, 7)
  • Elisa Giordanella / viola (2, 6)
  • Kimberly Duke / narrator

 Track List:
  1. Ouverture (1:40)
  2. Is the End the Beginning? (9:30)
  3. The Book of Dreams (7:07)
  4. The Journey (12:14)
  5. Days of Light (9:06)
  6. Under the Sea (3:36)
  7. Asha (Coming Back Home)(8:24)
  8. A New Century (10:22)

 Download Links: Part 1, Part 2.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dorothy Ashby - The Jazz Harpist (1994)

Originally released in 1957 this is a classic recording that features an instrument rarely heard in jazz. Dorothy Ashby was well acclaimed as a jazz artist and produced several other recordings.On this recording she performs three standards and four originals and is joined by a crack team of sidemen. This was re-released on CD in 1992 by Nippon Columbia and again in 1994 by the Jazz Heritage Society (the mp3 files are from the latter.)

  • Dorothy Ashby (Harp)
  • Ed Thigpen (Drums)
  • Rudy Van Gelder (Engineer)
  • Wendell Marshall (Bass)
  • Frank Wess (Flute)
  • Eddie Jones (Bass)
Track List:
  1. Thou Swell
  2. Stella by Starlight
  3. Dancing on the Ceiling
  4. Aeolian Groove
  5. Quietude
  6. Spicy
  7. Lamentation

Download Link: Enjoy the Music!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Galie - Galie (1981)

A Mexican progressive rock group formed in 1979, Galie has mostly acoustic approach and most of their songs are instrumental. Their sound is well balanced with guitar, flute and keyboards taking the lead in turn, but in a very well orchestrated manner. Their first album is self-titled (as are their other albums, followed by successive Roman numerals). The name Gallie is derived from the band members' first names. No longer in print and near impossible to track down, this is a nice little jewel I found a few years ago on usenet. The mp3 files did not come with a scan of the album cover, so if anyone has a good scan, please send me a copy.

Line-up / Musicians
  • Eugenio Barrantes / bass, guitars
  • Leopoldo Cabieses / guitar
  • Ignacio Cordero / synthesizers
  • Luis Díaz Torre / flute
  • Alfonso Portilla / drums
  • J. Ignacio Portilla / guitars
  • Gabriel Tellechea / piano, moog
Tracks Listing
  1. Obertura (5:22)
  2. Galie (7:09)
  3. Viale (5:21)
  4. Sulap (4:28)
  5. La Hoche (4:45)
  6. El Utimo Sueno De Paganini (4:25)
  7. La Fuente (4:12)

 Download Link: Enjoy the Music!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alien Planetscapes - Life On Earth (1997)

Psychadelic/Space Rock is the best way to describe this recording. The group is Doug Walker's brainchild and the music is heavily influenced by Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Temple on the one hand, but with its heavy free jazz elements it also at times approaches music like Gong and Soft Machine. This is Alien Planetscape's only "commercial" release and it is currently out of print. Many other recordings are floating around among fans, but Doug Walker died in 2006, thus ending his career.

Line-up / Musicians
  • Matthew Block / drums, percussion, effects
  • Chris Altenhoff / bass guitars, effects, electronics
  • Blaise Slwula / alto and soprano saxes, CB radio, effects
  • Rob Alfonso / guitars, devices, effects
  • Doug Walker / synthesizers, sequencers, organ, electric keyboards, effects

 Track List:
  1. Radiation King (5:01)
  2. Chris In Space (9:15)
  3. Gravel (8:30)
  4. Love Shack Radio (5:07)
  5. Soft Martian (11:13)
  6. Lucky 13 (8:19)
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Chet Baker Quartet Featuring Dick Twardzik - The Lost Holland Concert (1955)

Another rare Chet Baker recording found on usenet. The recording quality on this recording ranges from okay on the first few tracks to quite poor (although listenable) in the later tracks. You can even hear some background music either coming from somewhere else nearby or as bleed through on the original tape. Worth a listen nevertheless as there are very few recordings of Dick Twardzik of any sort. Richard "Dick" Twardzik was a promising 24-year-old but a heroin addict and he died from an overdose on October 21 of 1955.

An interesting recording too because Chet Baker announces the songs and openly expresses admiration for Miles Davis. Now out of print, this is probably not likely to be re-issued as its quality is well below standard. The last track ends early, an artifact of the original recording. It comprises parts of three recordings: September 18, 1955 in Scheveningen, Netherlands, September 21, 1955 in Mainz, Germany (formerly on Philology Records) and september 24, 1955 in Zürich, Switzerland.

Track List:
  1. Introduction/Tommyhawk 6:35
  2. Indian Summer 8:22
  3. Someone to Watch Over Me 5:41
  4. Imagination 3:14
  5. C.T.A./Exitus 5:30
  6. Walkin' 7:43
  7. Indian Summer 8:02
  8. All the Things You Are 9:07
  9. Happy Little Sunbeam 6:05
  10. Moonlight in Vermont 4:37

Chet Baker (Trumpet), Chet Baker (Vocals), Peter Littman (Drums), Richard Twardzik (Piano), Jimmy Bond (Bass). For the Swiss concert Chet gives the names in the intro as Elsie Bianchi (p), Siro Bianchi (b), and what sounds like René Kneflis (d)
Download Links: Part 1, Part 2.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jazz At Pasadena '69 - Volume 1 (1969)

Another interesting find on usenet. Wonderful live jazz with a heavy Dixieland feel. Quite a mix of good songs and long out of print. I have included the complete liner notes for those who like the details.


SMOKEY MARY is what used to be called a "flag-waver" during the big band
era. It features the work of one of the finest and busiest drummers- on the West Coast, Jack Sperling. Jack recorded this number during a remake in 1955, so technically he can be said to have "rehearsed" it. The rest of the band are sight reading, except for Professor Matty Matlock who is responsible for the tune and the arrangement We are possessed of the notion that a swinging big band sound adds a lot to a jazz party in spite of the "clams" which always pervade a first reading. Commercial recordings often spend several hours getting one or two numbers on tape and as the precision goes up the spirit tends to drop a little. The solos here by Cary, Lodice, Matlock, Havens and Sperling are right out of the air and generally superb.

BODY AND SOUL is part of a set which was a reunion between Abe Most, Jack Sperling and Ray Leatherwood, all of whom worked in the Les Brown band. Johnny Guarnieri's light, dry piano compliments Abe's distinctive clarinet style.

WOLVERINE BLUES appeared on last year's record as a jazz band number and is redone here for several reasons. First, it is rarely sung and the Clancy Hayes vocal is a complete and definitive one. Secondly, one of the world's foremost jazzband trombonists, Bob Havens, demonstrates the Miff Mole approach to the sliphorn. Genuinely a lost art, even Miff, in his later years, was unable to execute this difficult technique. Marvin Ash flavors the proceedings with his rocking piano style.

BLACK AND BLUE is a showcase for the splendid trumpet work of Johnny Best, one of the all-time great lead trumpets (Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw etc.) The piano is by Dick Cary, another fine brass man who was however, featured on piano with the Louis Armstrong band. The tune was a favorite with Pops and it is seldom played except as a tribute to him. This version is no exception.


IDA, arranged by Matty Matlock, recalls the original version by Red Nichols. The Bass Sax lead, done first by Adrian Rollini and later by Joe Rushton, is played here by a great and often unsung saxophonist, Wayne Songer, on baritone. The arrangement always produces an involuntary murmur of appreciation from listeners and the fine Dick Cary trumpet solo, and Abe Lincoln's trombone chorus are fringe benefits.

HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON? had been going on a couple of minutes-when the circuit breakers in the club basement were finally located and recording resumed. Fortunately, it captures some of the prettiest Jess Stacy piano, and some equally fine guitar by George Van Eps. This party marked the return of Stacy to the piano after a long absence, much to the joy of his many friends.

MY HONEY'S LOVIN' ARMS demonstrates the amazing gymnastics of "Thumbs" Guarnieri who does everything so fast that on this cut Jack Sperling just made it in time for the last half of the number. The ending is anything but a cop-out.

UP A LAZY RIVER is this year's winner of the "Feet of Clay" award, by which we strive to encourage budding instrumentalists by demonstrating that even the giants occasionally get lost. In this case, the titans of the trombone, Bob Havens and Abe Lincoln, grapple with a fine old tune whose unusual construction, made more complex by the time-honored custom of splitting choruses, leads them into a trap near the end. The splendid demonstration of two completely different styles and sounds, not previously heard together, makes this a collector's item which would never have been allowed out of a studio. Another Blue Angel first!

MILK COW BLUES must have been sung at some time or other by Kokomo Arnold. We have never heard it attempted by anyone but Nappy Lamare and to hear it is to understand why. Nappy renders (in the classic sense) both choruses of this bucolic lament in such a way as to chill the marrow of any potential competitor. Fortunately, there are no dairy farms within eight miles of Pasadena.

The BLUE ANGEL JAZZ CLUB is based upon the idea that great jazz is the product of the interaction between great musicians, devoted and appreciative audiences and a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Blue Angel tries to bring these elements together in its informal jazz parties and then attempts to capture the results in fine, high fidelity recordings. All funds realized from the sale of these recordings are used to further promote the primary aim of the club, which is to encourage and to support great professional jazz musicians. Membership in Blue Angel or further information may be obtained by writing to the address below. Recordings may be obtained only through jazz specialty dealers who are members of The Blue Angel Jazz Club or by direct mail order at $5.50 per record, including tax and postage.

BAJC 505


Personnel: Matty Matlock, Don Lodice, Wayne Songer (reeds); Dick Cary, John Best (trumpets); Abe Lincoln, Bob Havens (trombones); Johnny Guarnieri (piano); Nappy Lamare (guitar); Ray Leatherwood (bass); Jack Sperling (drums)

Abe Most (clarinet); Johnny Guarnieri (piano): Jack Sperling (drums); Ray Leatherwood (bass)

(Spikes Bros.-Morton)
Clancy Hayes (banjo and vocal); Dick Cary (trumpet); Matty Matlock (clarinet); Marvin Ash (piano); Bob Havens (trombone); Ray Leatherwood (bass); Jack Sperling (drums)

John Best (trumpet); Don Lodice (tenor sax): Matty Matlock (clarinet); Bob Havens (trombone); Dick Cary (piano); Nappy Lamare (guitar); Artie Shapiro (bass); Jack Sperling (drums)


(personnel same as Smokey Mary, above)

2. HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON? (Gershwin Bros.) 4:45
Jess Stacy (piano); George Van Eps (guitar); Morty Corb (bass); Jack Sperling (drums)

Johnny Guarnieri (piano); Jack Sperling (drums)

4. UP A LAZY RIVER (Arodin-Carmichael) 6:13 Abe Lincoln and Bob Havens (trombones); J. Guarnieri (piano); J. Sperling (drums); R. Leatherwood (bass)

5. MILK COW BLUES (Kokomo Arnold) 3:26 Nappy Lamare (vocal and guitar) personnel as in (1.) above.

Recorded at the University Club of Pasadena, November 1, 1969
Produced by Wm. A. MacPherson, M.D. and Geo. C. Tyler, M.D.
Cover Design by Chuck Jones © Recording by Wally Heider
Mastering by Artisan Sound Recorders, Hollywood


George Van Eps appears through the courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc.

Download Link: Enjoy the Music!

Other recordings by personnel on this recording:

Matty Matlock
Dick Cary
John Best
Bob Havens
Johnny Guarnieri
Nappy Lamare
Clancy Hayes
Jess Stacy
George Van Eps