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Friday, March 26, 2010

Haze - Old, New, Burrowed & Blue (1984)

Haze (1978-1988) is a progressive rock band from Sheffield, England, active in England in the 1980s. Formed by brothers Chris McMahon (bass, keyboards and vocals) and Paul McMahon (guitar and vocals) the played their first concert at Stephen Hill Youth Club, Sheffield on 10 November that year. They had several drummers before the longest serving and most notable, Paul 'Chis' Chisnell, joined them at a concert at the White Lion, Huddersfield, on 19 June 1983.

Old, New, Burrowed & Blue was only released on cassette and was available to their fan club.

Track List:
  1. Nellie
  2. Don't Leave Me Here
  3. End Of The Day
  4. We Used To Know
  5. Mushy Funk/Shadows
  6. Aardvarks Superfluous
  7. Baker St.
  8. If Leaving Me Is Easy
  9. Pick Up The Pieces(Mole Mix)
  10. Far Over Misty Mountains
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!


  1. Is track number 8 ("If Leaving Me is Easy") a cover of the great Phil Collins song from Face Value?

  2. Correct you are Ray! It is a Phil Collins cover. Good catch.

  3. Cool. I downloaded it just to check it out. They stay very close to Phil's original.

  4. Yeah, I noticed that too. The opening sax solo is basically the same and so it goes . . . I actually like to hear covers kind of reworked a bit more, as long as they aren't ruined in the process.