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Monday, March 29, 2010

Circle - Pori (1998)

Circle is a Finnish experimental rock band with material that ranges from avant-garde to progressive rock and Krautrock. Circle's line-up has constantly changed over the years as the founder, Jussi Lehtisalo, is the only member who has been in the band the entire time.

Pori runs the gamut of the styles mentioned but is mostly Krautrock remeniscent of Faust, Can and Neu! and sometimes like Tortoise as well. This is their 5th album.

  • Pentti Dassum: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  • Teemu Elo: Guitar, Vocals
  • Jussi Lehtisalo: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Photography
  • Teemu Niemelä: Keyboards
  • Janne Peltomäki: Drums
  • V. Raitio: Percussion

 Track List:
  1. Perustamisasiakirja 8-3-1558
  2. Vesitorni/Kaupunginsairaala
  3. Back to Pori
  4. Suurpalo
  5. Kartano
  6. Promenaadikaskus
  7. Kruunu Paaha Pori Kuningas
  8. Seisomakatsomo
  9. Karhun Hansaa
  10. Porin Jazz Juhlat

 Download Links: Part 1, Part 2.

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