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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chet Baker Quartet Featuring Dick Twardzik - The Lost Holland Concert (1955)

Another rare Chet Baker recording found on usenet. The recording quality on this recording ranges from okay on the first few tracks to quite poor (although listenable) in the later tracks. You can even hear some background music either coming from somewhere else nearby or as bleed through on the original tape. Worth a listen nevertheless as there are very few recordings of Dick Twardzik of any sort. Richard "Dick" Twardzik was a promising 24-year-old but a heroin addict and he died from an overdose on October 21 of 1955.

An interesting recording too because Chet Baker announces the songs and openly expresses admiration for Miles Davis. Now out of print, this is probably not likely to be re-issued as its quality is well below standard. The last track ends early, an artifact of the original recording. It comprises parts of three recordings: September 18, 1955 in Scheveningen, Netherlands, September 21, 1955 in Mainz, Germany (formerly on Philology Records) and september 24, 1955 in Zürich, Switzerland.

Track List:
  1. Introduction/Tommyhawk 6:35
  2. Indian Summer 8:22
  3. Someone to Watch Over Me 5:41
  4. Imagination 3:14
  5. C.T.A./Exitus 5:30
  6. Walkin' 7:43
  7. Indian Summer 8:02
  8. All the Things You Are 9:07
  9. Happy Little Sunbeam 6:05
  10. Moonlight in Vermont 4:37

Chet Baker (Trumpet), Chet Baker (Vocals), Peter Littman (Drums), Richard Twardzik (Piano), Jimmy Bond (Bass). For the Swiss concert Chet gives the names in the intro as Elsie Bianchi (p), Siro Bianchi (b), and what sounds like René Kneflis (d)
Download Links: Part 1, Part 2.

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