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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sipho Mabuse - Chant Of The Marching (1989)

Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse was born in Johannesburg on 2 November 1951. Mabuse got his start in the African soul group the Beaters in the mid-1970s. After a successful tour of Zimbabwe they changed the group's name to Harari. When they returned to their homeland in South Africa they began to draw almost exclusively on American-style funk, soul, and pop music, sung in Zulu and Sotho as well as English. He has also recorded and produced for, amongst others, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Ray Phiri and Sibongile Khumalo.
The sunny Chant of the Marching, recorded in Brussels, is an uplifting mainstream album with fewer commercial concessions than its predecessor. (The American-soul styled "Celebration" sounds like a sincere embrace rather than a forced attempt to imitate.) Over a blend of spirited backup singers, neat hornwork (by Hugh Masekela and others) and percussion (used in more of a musical than rhythmic role), Mabuse confidently sings his forthright (bilingual) lyrics about the townships, Mandela and resistance in a handsome, almost unaccented voice. Miriam Makeba duets with Mabuse on one song. Recording is now out of print, but used copies can be found (see link below).
Track List:
  1. Tika Jive
  2. Refugee
  3. Room of Horror
  4. Kululani Umandel
  5. Township Child
  6. Chant
  7. Celebration
  8. Taxi Driver
  9. Mama
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!
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