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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chimera - Des Duivels Oorkussen (1979)

This progressive folk from the Netherlands, very much a Celtic kind of sound. This is Chimera's first release. In some ways their second is better and incorporates more of a rock sound, but this one is great as well, in my opinion. This group is not to be confused with one of the several other groups by the same name, including a Chimera from Belfast.

"CHIMERA began as a duo of fellow students Bas and Marry Verkade. The Verkades soon wed, and along with Marry's brother Koos became a trio whose music consisted largely of British and popular American folk covers. By the late seventies the group had migrated to Dutch folk themes and original compositions, leading to their first studio release ('Des Duivels Oorkussen') on the Stoof label in 1979. This was followed with a second and final album, 'Obstakel' in 1981, where the band expanded their sound to include electric instruments and a somwhat more rock-oriented sound, particularly on the second half of the album. The second release was well-received and the group had a planned international tour and tracks recorded for a third studio album, but as Bas and Marry felt the call to full-time parenthood for their two children they disbanded the group in 1982. The band reformed several years later and existed in varying degrees until illness led to a second retirement in 1995, but no further recordings were issued."

Source: Progarchives

Track List:
  1. Daphne (6:12)
  2. Een Aardig Vrouwke (4:40)
  3. Warris (8:11)
  4. St Vitusdans (4:03)
  5. De Droghen Haring (1:57)
  6. De Loteling (9:20)
  7. Des Duivels Oorkussen (5:48)
  8. Een Boerman (6:14)

 Download Links: Part 1, Part 2.

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