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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tom Howard - View from the Bridge (1977)

Just discovered in the news that Tom Howard, one of my favorite Christian artists from the Jesus Music Era died of a heart attack on Friday (January 29, 2010). He was one of Larry Norman's early discoveries who went on to complete several albums over the years. He is a keyboardist of considerable skill is also often creditied with nurturing the Christian New Age sound.

The featured album is his first, which was produced by Larry Norman on Solid Rock Records. In my opinion, this is Tom Howard's best recording and is bona fide Christian Rock of the highest caliber. This is a classic of the Jesus Music era and if you haven't listended to it, you need to do so now. The recording was digitized from my own vinyl copy of the album.

Track List: 
  1. Intro
  2. Come On In
  3. Mansion on the Sand
  4. To Learn By Living
  5. We All Mean Very Well
  6. One More Reason
  7. She Likes to Look at Pictures
  8. Blessed Are the Children
  9. Marriage of Our Souls
  10. All Through the Day
  • Jonathan David Brown: Engineer
  • Jim Coile: Saxophone, Flute
  • Tom Howard: Songwriter, Orchestrator and Conductor, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Piano, Vocals
  • Jim Johnson: Bass
  • Peter Johnson: Drums, Percussion, Harmony Vocals
  • Wayne Johnson: Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals
  • Max McCoy: Auxiliary Keyboards, Flugelhorn
  • Larry Norman: Producer, Arranger, Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals
  • Randy Stonehill: Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals
  • Vance Tenort: Congas, Cabasa
Download Link: Enjoy the Music!
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  1. Thanks for the tribute Bryan. I am enjoying 'neccesary music'.

    Katoikei's Jukebox
    (My diary of musical influences) Add me if you dig.


  2. Thanks for the note Eric. And just so you know, it is "Nessessary" music because my last name is actually Ness. :-)

    Take Care,


  3. Great Album .
    I also have this !

    In the last Full Circle Radio Show.
    Jerry Bryant makes a Tom Howard Special on
    Episode 137

    greetings from Germany & be blessed ,