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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mark Huff and The Inflatables - Truth is Chaos (1992)

Mark Huff is a folk/rock/blues/country/singer/songwriter. He was born in Florida, spent most of his time in Las Vegas, and has been in Nashville since 2003. His musical style is broad, but he seems to never stray too far from a bit of a country sound. His first album, "Happy Judgement Day" was released in 1990. Truth is Chaos is Huff's second album, and the only one that mentions the "Inflatables."

Although this album is not overtly a "Christian" recording, many of the songs have clear spiritual messages and I find many of Huff's lyrics excellent.

Track List:
  1. King of the End of the World
  2. Don't Believe a Word
  3. I Wanna Know Why
  4. Death
  5. Sold Down the River
  6. Ride That Train
  7. Dead Flowers

 Download link: Enjoy the Music!

Sources: Allmusic Guide, Mark Huff - Discography

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